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Urgent :From H4 to H1B

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  • Urgent :From H4 to H1B

    Hi All,

    Immihelp is really a very helpful site .Please Keep up ur good job.

    I have got my H1B stamping and H4 for my wife just 10 days ago and planning to start work in US from July 2007.

    Initially my wife(Health care professional) did not want to work for 2 years. Thats why i did not apply for H1B for her in 2006.

    But now we are reconsidering that .So

    1.Can my wife apply for H1B this April 2007?

    2.In case if her application gets approved for processing & gets EAC no, Will there be any difficulty or issue for her to enter in to US as dependent since she already has H4 stamping in her passport.

    3.Incase her H1 B is approved by june/july ,then Will there be any difficulty during visa interview about her earlier H4 stamping?

    Kindly clarify the above queries as i need to act based on your kind advise.

    Thanking you in anticipation

    With best regards,