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  • H4 Visa

    I would like to know a samll information regarding H4 visa application , i have come to US last montha that is in March and now i wan to send papers to my wife for getting her H4 visa done ,.

    I can send her only two pay stubs ( Month of March & April ) , would those 2 be enogh or need atleast three pay stubs for getting her the visa with out any problem.

    and please even let me know exact documenttaion details for the dependent Visa.
    please let me know ASAP.

    Thanks & regrads
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    Travel issues

    Ihave a query , my wife is carrying and she is into 4 th month and she is in INDIA and i have apply for VISA for her.would she be allowed or not for the interview .

    Is there any specific time or month by which she should fly to US from INDIA.

    please let me know ASAP.

    ---- It depends as to which Visa you are applying for her. She will be permitted to attend the interview and also travel to US. However, her travel to US will depend on the airline that will be taking her and as per their rules and regulations. Check with the Airline that she intends travelling.

    ---- It also depends on her comfort level to undertake travel for extended periods such as a travel to US takes about 15 -20 hours by flight