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Horrible encounter on my B1 trips - H1b interview at Delhi Consulate - Got Visa

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  • Horrible encounter on my B1 trips - H1b interview at Delhi Consulate - Got Visa

    Hi folks,

    Sorry for the late reply. I attened the interview in Delhi on Mar 15. Here is my case profile and following is the interview experience.

    Profile: Have 2.6 yrs of experience. In 797B they mentioned to attend in Chennai consulate, but I have attended the interview in Delhi. I have my B1 visa got on Jan 2006. From that time onwards, I have been in USA for almost 10 months. Basically coming back to India for a week and again going back to USA. I thought of taking H1 interview in Canada/ Mexico? Bahamas.. but finally decided to not screw up my case. So came back to India to attend the interview. I was little skeptical and tensed before the interview.

    vo: you went to USA on B1. How long was ur trip?
    me: Yes. my last trip lasts for 3 months.

    VO: what did u do for 3 months in USA?
    Me: Collecting business requiorements and helping business people. This is very common answer and it is safe too.

    VO: are you going to work on H1 for the same company?
    Me: No ma'm, my H1 company is different.

    VO: so you went on B1 and leaving the company.....
    Me: some tension .. as my interview was going to be worst ... but I was frank ... told .... Ma'm I haven't quit my current company yet. Given visa, I will serve two months of my notice period and finish all my responsibilties and then will move to new company.

    VO: who sponsored your busines trip?
    Me: My current employer

    VO: This is very very bad. Your company sponsored ur trip and u r leaving them in two months.. why are you moving to new company?
    Me: new company has good client base ... blahblah .. and it will help a lot to my carrier (by this time ... I prepared myself that I will not get visa ... but don't know reason ... I was frustrated ... and suddenly raised my voice little bit .. and felt lot more confident in my voice.. generally confidence lowers .. but for some reason .. I got lot of confidence in my voice .. may be I prepared myself and made up my mind) ...

    VO: can u show me ur petetition (I-129 and LCA)
    Me: gave it to her

    VO: What is your education qualification
    Me: BTech in IT with 89% (told her purposefully that I am right candidate)

    VO: oh is it? can show me your degree certificates?
    Me: gave it to her... by this time .. she got little convinced and started typing some things....

    I was tensed .. and thought she would cancel my B1 visa as well or will give 221(g) .. because she dint ask any other papers ........

    Finally .. she told we will send your passport .. I was stunned and surprised ..... Thanks a lot to my God............

    I don't know what made her to give visa apart from my confidence. That made the difference ..... she was so upset with my B1 trips and got my intention ... but got convinced with my degree and most important thing is Confidence and Honesty.

    Well I could hide some details .. but told her everything even though it would create problems to me .....

    If you have any questions.. write to me @ [email protected]