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Travelling outside USA after applying for H1b Visa

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  • Travelling outside USA after applying for H1b Visa

    Hi, I am currently on H4 Visa and am going to apply for a H1B Visa under 2007 quota on April 1st. I want to visit India before October which is when my H1b will be valid from. Here are my options:

    -- Go to India and come back before May 15 th or so before H1 gets approved and I am still on my H4

    -- Go to india after H1 gets approved and come back before october.

    Can any one suggest what problems i might be facing under these two situations. I know going to India after H1 approval is really risky as I have to get stamped again on H1, which i really dont want to do now. My first option seems to be better but I got some suggestions that it might be risky as well as my I-94 would change. Do I have to wait till after october to go to India?Any information/Suggestions would grealty be appreciated. Thanks