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Congrats to London Embassy on latest H1-B renewal process

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  • Congrats to London Embassy on latest H1-B renewal process

    I just got an approval on my H1-B and went through the latest appointment scheduling process for my up coming visit to the US Embassy in London to get the visa issued. All I can say, based on the previous experience I've had in renewing my visas in London is well done to the US Embassy/USCIS.

    In previous years it was a multi stage process - call the appointment line, confirm your tracking number from the I-797, get the application and payment slip mailed to a UK address and then forwarded etc.

    Now it is so much easier:
    Call the Appointment line listed on the US London Embassy website, pay $16 on your credit card for a phone call to set up the appointment
    Pay $100 during the aforementioned call for the visa application fee (instead of having to piddle around finding a Barclay's Bank when you get to London to prepay the visa issuance fee)
    Get an email confirming the appointment time, the required supporting docs you need to bring and do's and don'ts of what to carry into the Embassy.

    If I'm not mistaken, at $100 it is actually less exensive than it was last time. From memory I paid 63 pounds for the visa issuance fee last time which equates to about $120 so even with the cost of the appointment call at $16 it still works out well.

    A very pleasant suprise given the bureaucratic nightmare of previous years. Now if only the DMV could be improved like this...................!