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Traveling while H1B petition is pending

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  • Traveling while H1B petition is pending

    Hi. I am currently on H4. I need to travel abroad urgently and my H-1B Petition is Pending. My concern is whether the travel will jeopardiz my chances for H1B aproval? I would appreciate if someone can tell me what are my options in this scenario.

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    Currently, there is a lottery for H1bs. 65,000 H1bs would be granted out of the 133,000 applicants. So you have a 50% chance of getting your H1b. If you filed your H1 under normal category (not premium process), it would take 3-4 months to receive your H1. If you can fly back before 3-4 months, I think your H1b would not be jeopardized.


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      Thank you. If that is the case (to learn about my H1 approval in 3-4 months) and is the safe period to fly outside US, that would be wonderful as i am planning to travel next week for about 2 months.
      What if I get my H1b approval letter when I am abroad? What are the things to be considered?


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        If your H1b gets approved while you are abroad then you would need to get the H1b stamped if you wish to enter the US on an H1 or you could enter back on your existing H4 and at the end of the year when you are eligible to work, you would need to go outside the US and stamp the H1b.


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          So in any case I need to go for H1B Visa stamping outside US. That sounds pretty good as long as it does not affect my H1B approval. Thanks