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221g from Doha consulate

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  • 221g from Doha consulate


    I attended the visa interview at Doha consulate yesterday and was given a white 221g form. It says

    "We are unable to issue you a visa today under section 221(g) of the immigration and Nationality act, pending the receipt and review of the information and documents below. Please return to the embassy with the document/information requested below and your case will be reconsidered. You are welcome to return on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 8am. Please present this letter and your passport to the cashier. Presentation of this document does not guarantee the issuance of the visa"

    In the documents required section, there are 2 documents which i need to submit. They are (the interviewer wrote it in the 'others' section)

    1. Company's office lease agreement
    2. Tax document showing specific expenditures

    I contacted the employer and they can soon send me the above 2 documents and I am planning to reappear for the interview in 2 to 3 days.

    Meanwhile, request you guys to give me some advice based on your experiences on the 221g. What other preparations do we need to do? How long will it take me to get the visa stamped, if every thing goes well...

    (I am assuming that the color of the 221g form does not indicate the same reasons everywhere. In chennai white 221g means that you are almost rejected)

    Thanks in advance.....