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H4 visa - port of entry

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  • H4 visa - port of entry


    My wife had to travel to India. I am in the US right now. I could not travel with her due to work reasons. She is on H4 visa( stamp on passport is valid till Apr 2008). She will be coming back on her own in June.

    What documents will she have to show at the port of entry ? I have my original I-797. She has a copy of it with her. Is that good enough ? Should I sent her my latest payslips or employment verification letter ?

    Can someone please share their experience ?

    Thank you in advance

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    She only needs a valid, unexpired passpord with her visa on it - or a new passport (in case the old one has expired) and the old one with the visa stamp.

    Nothing else. I still have to hear about a DHS officer at any port of entry making any fuss over a wife traveling without her husband


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      Thanks for the reply ! Does she not even need a copy of my I-797 ?