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How to carry Documents to Chennai Consulate

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  • How to carry Documents to Chennai Consulate

    I am scheduled to attend interview at Chennai Consulate end of this month. Can some one who has been recently explain how do we carry documents and organize, etc. I remember earlier( in 2003), they gave a green folder and we were asked to put all documentation in that folder.
    1. Is it the same system continued?
    2. Are we allowed to carry the bag?
    3. Is there any restriction in carrying more than one file folder? Sometimes we need to carry lots of stuff like, previous pay stubs, tax returns, mark sheets, etc.

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    they first check ur documents and they put those documents in a folder(which they give) they return that folder,later u have to go to finger print scan,later interview section,at interview u have to submit folder as it is.

    just take multifolder case without zip,those folders are available in every where,write index showing what is what.like od,paystubs,exp letters.

    upto my knowledge there is no restriction,but dont take too much,it will end up with mess .put all docs with index in that case .

    last month i attended for interview and i got .

    ok any way best of luck.