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URGENT HELP: Has my consulting company lied to me?

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  • URGENT HELP: Has my consulting company lied to me?

    My consulting company filed my H1B petition on April 1, 2007. They promised that my petition would be filed under the advanced degree quota. Today, after innumerable inquiries, I was told that my petition was filed under the general quota and not the advanced degree and that my application was not picked up in the lottery system under the general quota. When I asked my company why they filed under the general quota when I was promised the advanced degree quota, they said that the lawyer had filed my application under the advanced degree quota but USCIS looked at my application and moved it to the general quota since I still had not received my master's degree (in journalism). This is a little hard to believe since:

    1) I don't think USCIS would bother moving my application from the advanced degree quota to the general quota. I think my employer and the lawyer are trying to mislead me.
    2) Scores of other students who had not graduated in April had been filed under the advance degree quota and had already received their receipts under the advanced degree quota.

    I am meeting my lawyer tomorrow and need enough information to know if he's lying or speaking the truth. Please help me. What are the things I should be asking him to know if he's lying?

    Thanks for your help in advance!