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H1B Transfer before receiving

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  • H1B Transfer before receiving


    I had a query. I have an offer from Firm X. They have filed for my H1B and it has been approved. However, I am not interested in the Job Profile that they have given me.

    Now, I have some other interviews lined up. However, I do not know whether it is possible for the new employer, if I get an offer, to transfer the H1B before being issued by the US Government. Is it possible that my current employer take back their application and the new employer not be able to transfer my Visa.

    What could be the possible steps that the new employer could take. Possible things are that I have a July joining and I get a new offer from the firm that is ready to transfer my H1B in June. But I will not have received my H1B till then and am still employed by Firm X on paper.

    Do give in your suggestions on this. Would really appreciate it.

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    Any updates on your case. I have similar situation.