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    I came in US via employer X on H1b visa and worked with them for almost 3 years. I resigned my employer X in May 1st week and have asked a consultant Y to transfer my H1b to them. They have got a receipt notice and say that it would take 3-4 months for approval notice to come.

    I want to travel to India meanwhile before I start working on new assignment with company Y. My I-94 and petition from company X is approved till May 2008
    1) Company Y will not provide me the approval notice of my H1b till I start working on assignment with them. Can I travel to India with my old petition papers from company X, receipt notice from consultant Y and offer letter from Y? Is it okay to travel or will my H1b transfer get affected?

    2) What documents I need at POE to enter into US?

    3) Currently my H1b transfer case is pending with consultant Y. Meanwhile I am also getting other offers from good companies. Can I use my Apr-May paystubs and have them do the H1b transfer as well? Or I cannot do the transfer since I have already left company X and company Y is in transfer process.