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H1B & H4 renewal

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  • H1B & H4 renewal

    Am applying to renew my H1B for the second 3 years and also applying for renewing my wife's H4 approval notice. She currently only has an approval notice that is received from USCIS since we applied for her B2 to H4 conversion after she came to the US. She has not gone out of the US after receiving the H4 approval notice and so her passport do not have a H4 stamping.

    1. Would this be a problem in us applying for her H4 renewal along with my H1B renewal with USCIS?

    2. How many months does it take for a normal(not premium processing) H1B renewal with USCIS, VT office? I have 4 months left in my original H1B before it expires on Oct 2007.

    Can any of the seniors please reply to the above questions

    Thanks in advance
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    1. not a problem

    2. look at processing times for your center on http://www.immihelp.com/timings/processing-timings.html but even if you dne get approval as long as you have applied in time you are fine upto 120 days after the expiration date