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L1B to H1 stamping first time in Canada/Mexico

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  • L1B to H1 stamping first time in Canada/Mexico

    Currently I'm on L1B thro company A. This is expired in my passport last year March. Currently I'm on extended I-94 which will be valid till March 2008. I have applied H1B thro company B. I got the receipt for the same.

    1. Assuming evrything goes well and if I get the Approval papers by August 2007, can I go to canada/mexico for stamping in early october before I resign my current company A?
    2. Also is it mandatory that I should go only to my homeland India for my H1 stamping?
    3. How good are the chances that H1B stamping will be successful in canada/mexico, provided that the company documentation is proper?
    4. What if in case of rejections?
    5. What are the essential documents should i carry with me while goin for stamping?

    Please help.


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    can someone please help?


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      you dont need to go out of the country to work on H1 if you filed for COS and approval came with I-94.

      that said the only catch with getting it done in Canada Mexico is that if denied you will have to depart from there to ur home country.

      H1 rejections are possible and since each case is unique it is impossible to to comment on the possibilities.