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    hello all
    i want to know about the last action rule, if it applies to Change of Status only or also consular stamped visas
    i have another post in the "other visas" that i am quoting here and i would like to know all the info, even non specific to my post

    >>hello all
    >>i applied for an O1 and H1b at about the same time in may and april 07
    >>now it's the end of june and i got O1 approval notice
    >>these are NOT a change of status, these are regular visas that i pick up in >>homem country
    >>the question is that i am travelling to home country to pick up the O1, but >>i am afraid the h1b will get approved and will automatically override the O1
    >>in the end, i want the O1 and not the h1b
    >>should i recall the h1b? what happens if i don't? what's the worse case >>scenario and how to solve the worse case scenario
    >>thank you a lot for your opinion/reply. any advise or thought would help
    >> regards