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H1 B transfer denied. Legal to stay for how long?

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  • H1 B transfer denied. Legal to stay for how long?


    I had switched company last year and my new consultant applied for my h1 transfer without premium processing. there were some RFE from USCIS which my consulant replied to. But now in last week my h1 transfer was denied and my previous employer has also cancelled my h1.

    Now my new consultant is opening an appeal in this week and will also be filing again for new h1 in premium processing. They said i am legal to stay till 33 days from the rejection date.

    Can anyone plese help me? does anyone know what is the legal status in such cases.


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    kindly help me. I do not have much time left


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      Please remember, there is nothign called H! TRANSFER in this world.
      Your second Employer gets a brand new H1(with out concerning your old employer H1, but you dont need to come under the H1 Quota for any new H1s)
      Coming to your issue,
      Please double check with your old H1 Cancellation, 99% employers wont cancel the old H1s(if that employer is not a corporate US employer). I suggest you to double check that old H1 first.
      Also, please let us know the RFE details of your new H1, what was that RFE, what was your emplouer's reply for that, and what was the reason for the rejection from the US CIS?


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        Hi Prity,

        what is your status now?can u pls update what happened to ur H1?