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H1B transfer process

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  • H1B transfer process


    I wanted to know when I can give a notice to the old employer.
    The new company would be transferring the H1B soon.
    So can I give the notice to the existing company after the initial receipt has been received or after the actual notice has been received by the new company?

    Please let me know this information as I would have to decide when to give the notice.


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    Hi, you can give notice to your current emloyer as per the company rules demand (usually 2 weks notice). It depends on when you want to start with the new company. If the new company has decided to hire you, you can start working for them and they can send transfer documents to INS in like within a week or so. When you should gove notice does not depend on your H1B transfer process much. My personal experience: I left my company without even telling them, they were a bloodsucking body shop. They came to know that I left only when a third party called to do my background check which was required for a full time position in the new company.
    Hope this helps.