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L1 to H1 status change

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  • L1 to H1 status change

    I am working in L1 for last 2.5 years in company X. My L1 is valid till Feb 2008. I got H1 approval on Dec 2006 from company Y and its valid till Oct 2009. I need to get stamped to change my status to H1. Now I am planning to get stamp.
    Can i get the stamping in Canada without any issue? I havent done any degree in USA.

    Please suggest me how can I proceed now. Let me know what will happend if my visa refused in Canada?. Can I come back to US with my L1 visa if my H1 is refused.
    My employer forcing me to have a try to get stamp in Canada.
    I need ur valuable guidence on this.
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    If they reject your H1, they wont cancel you L1. So if you still work with the same company you can come back.

    -This is not legal advice.


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      need advice: L1 to H1 status change

      Thanks for the reply.

      I heard and read in this form if they Canada VO refuse my H1 then I cant come back to US. I should travel to India..Please confirm