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H1B salary-Mr. Subramanya please!

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  • H1B salary-Mr. Subramanya please!

    Hi guys,

    I have got my H1B visa 2007-2010 stamped at Chennai.

    I am a teacher changing my visa from J1 to H1B under the same employer
    . I have a question:

    Since I have signed the contract for the year 2007-08 that begins from July 2007, (during which my J1 also expires), my school would continue to pay my salary.

    If H1B visa takes effect only from October 01, 2007 ( I intend to enter the US on Sept. 30, 2007) can the school continue to pay my salary from July or will the school and myself be in problem if salary is continued to be paid?

    I am sure that the expertise of you guys would put me at ease.


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    You should not be on pay-roll during that period and you are not supposed to work if you do not have a work authorization. It is against the law for both the employer and employee to work during a period where you do not have work - authorization and at the same time get paid too.
    Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.