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  • F1 to H4

    I am currently in India and have an F1 visa. I originally planned to come to United States to do my masters in a university in Pennsylvania. But now
    circumstances have changed. I am getting married and my would-be is on H1 visa. He stays in a California. But I have applied for another school close to where he lives and got an I-20 from that university. So I have few questions regarding my change from F1 to H4

    1. Is it a good idea to go to US consulate in India to get H4. What are my chances of acceptance? Will they reject my visa on the basis that I initially got F1 and now I am applying for H4
    2. Or will it be a good idea to enter USA on F1 and later apply for change of status to H4.
    If yes
    a. Will I have to go to University f Pennsylvania first, file the required documents for transfer and then come to California?
    b. If I decide to directly come to California and join the university here. Should I go to the US Consulate in India and get my Visa stamped again
    c. Or can I just come to California and not go to University of Pennsylvania with the existing visa and apply for change of status from F1 to H4

    Please advice. You help is very much appreciated.

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    Its a better idea to stay on the F1 rather than H4. I think you would need another visa stamp for the new university close to your home in California. Advantages on being on F1 is that you can work on OPT when you complete your studies. You can also work on campus the moment you begin your studies.