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  • Help me to take the appointment

    Hi All,

    I have got the H1B petition this time and which is applied by my employer only. So my employer is asking me to take the appoint in Oct 1st or 2nd week for an interview. In-order to take an appointment i have a problem..my passport is getting expired on 11/01/2008 which was having 10 years of validity. So, i'm planning to apply for reissue of my passport which may be take 15-30 days. In this case, how can i take an appointment? can i use the current passport details which is going to be expired while taking an appoint?
    Because, if i apply for reissue i have to give my passport to the passport and will they give my old passport back? if they wont give back, how can i get back that old passport, is there any formalities for that?

    Please help, i bit confused