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H1B-additional jobs

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  • H1B-additional jobs

    Hi lively friends,

    I am working as a teacher in the US with H1 visa.

    I wish to know whether I could take up a second job, if offered which is not related to teaching.

    And should USCIS approve this job as well? Is it the same formalities as applying for work permit with another employer?

    Any takers, and seniors are most welcome.
    Thank you guys.

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    H1B - Additional Jobs

    A person can hold multiple H1B work permits from different employers, but the total number of hours should add upto 40 or just above that.

    You can have one main job with 40 hour work week and have a part time H1B which allows you upto 10 hours additional per week.

    However, if you take a single assignment for a few hours once, another H1B approval is not required, but your employer has to provide you with 1099 which you need to show and submit with your annual tax returns.

    You need to make sure you pay all your taxes as due and disclose all your incomes, no matter what.

    Any small mistakes here can cause unpleasant issues for your Permanent Resident and finally Naturalization applications.

    Take care.


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      Hi Senior,

      Thank you for the quality reply. I deeply appreciate it.