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H4 issues regarding paystubs

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  • H4 issues regarding paystubs

    Hi All
    I am Ajay. My wife is going to chennai for visa stamping. The problem is:
    I went to india in last week of july 2006 and came back from India on first of oct 2006. From then on until feb I was unemployed. In feb 2007 I changed my employer and got a job. But as my H1 was not approved until march 15 my current employer did not run my payroll in feb and instead paid through check without taxes. As a result payroll was run for 15 days only in the month of march. Again I went to India in 3rd week of april and was back in 1st week of june 2007. So my payroll was run only for 15 days for the month of april. I will be having 2 paystubs for june and july 2007.

    1) As I am able to produce only 4 months paystubs in this year with two half (15 days only) month payroll in the month of march and april, will there be visa issues. If so what kind of issues and how to answer them.

    2) I am currently on my previous employer visa which is going to expire this sep30, but my validity on my new 797 approval is issued for 3 more yrs. Does this pose any problem