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employer not cooperating/first time h1b

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  • employer not cooperating/first time h1b

    iam a medical worker and first time h1b and planning to take visa interview in chennai consulate.my emloyer says the following documents are sensitive and confidential and will not be sent to me directly but if the consulate requests(blue form) they will send it directly to the consulate.is it safe 4 me to take the visa interview without this documents.

    1). Employers tax return for the last 2 years and financial statement.

    (2). A Notarised list of all the petitioners employees for each location.The list should show all employees name, their specific job title,start date, end date and their individual criterias and immigration status.

    (3). State unemployment wage reports, showing all wages paid to each employee in the state for the past three quarters.


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    Sensitive confidential documents

    Of course these documents are sensitive and confidential. Employer cannot share this type of information with you directly.

    However, your employer can send you an original signed & notarized letter that they can and will send the documents directly to AMCON as needed.

    That should help you out for the visa.

    Good luck.


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      These are not confidential documents and are provided by hundreds of employers to their employees receiving 221g forms at interview in the cosulate. This is infact a red flag for your employer. If the company is in a good standing then employer should not have a problem to provide these documents.


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        I agree with Orion. If the law asks him to show, he should show. I read somewhere in the forums on this site where the Consulate will not accept faxed items or even originals from the employer but wants these documents to be with you while you come at the interview.
        Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.


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          employer not coopeating

          it will be of immense help to me if more light is shed on this topic.please i need sugeessions.shall i press my employer to release the documents.


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            Why do you need these documents ? Is that for H1B application or H1B stamping in India?

            I am an engineer with first time H1B. I got my stamping done from Mumbai consulate couple of months back. Documental Requirements does not include documents you listed ( 3 items ) for H1B stamping.

            I feel you will need documents ( you mentioned ) for H1B visa petition.

            Hope this helps. Don't worry abt your H1B visa stamping. If your employment/employer is legal...you should be fine.

            All the Best