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Additional documents needed for the H1-B visa interview.

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  • Additional documents needed for the H1-B visa interview.


    I was interviewed on 5th Agust in Dhaka-US embassy. The starting of interview was as good as i expected. I am sharing you the questions and answers here:

    Q1: How did you come to know this company?
    A1: [I explained the way]
    Q2: What is your highest educational qualification?
    A2: [I told my highest qualification]
    Q3: Did you pay any amount for the H1-B processing to the company?
    A3: Yes, H1-B cost.
    Q4: What's the amount?
    A4: 'X' amount.
    Q5: Only 'X' amount?
    A5: Yes, only 'X' amount.
    Q6: Give me all the documents you have from the company.
    A6: I gave him all the documents [my offer letter/tax return/client contracts/ etc]
    Q7: Any other documents do you have from the company?
    A7:Yes, I gave him the company brochure, pictures and someother documents.

    These were all his requirements from me. He gave me a paper where following things were listed to bring again:

    1. Last five years of tax papaers for the comapny
    2. List of all employees and country of origis of the each emplyees.
    3. All contracts and copies of contracts with other compnaies.
    4. The information of contact person you will be working on and your contract.
    5. Bank statement of last five years of your sponsored company.

    Now i have no problems with the requirement of 2,3,and 4. But requirement 1 and 5 made me depressed. These two issues are the primary requirement of INS/USCIS while my H1-B application was accepted. However, I have informed mu employer as soon as my interview was finished. My employer responsed me quickly and and confirmed me that he will send me those papers ASAP.

    Now my question is that is there are any way the consular officer can reject me in any way after getting those required papers? Any idea? Pelase share me if anyone has this sort of experience.

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    normally company is paying h1-b cost. This is employer responsibility to pay h1-B cost not by employee. If you paid the fees then it means company dont need you, Only you will find a project there and company will keep the margin. Thats why VO asked so many papers (last 5 years). He want to see company standing. Now everything depend on company strength and geniuness.


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      Hi all,

      could anyone plz tell me the answer for Q3: Did you pay any amount for the H1-B processing to the company?whats the best response we can give for that?



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        H1-B proceesing Fee

        My company paid all CIS fee including security deposit of $500 but attorney fee is charged from me. Is that OK to reply to VO?


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          Who paid H1B fees

          Good company paid themself.


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            I think it is good to say that the comapny has sponsored everything. That makes the good impression about the company and VO too.