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Mistake on I-94 caused new co. dropped offer!

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  • Mistake on I-94 caused new co. dropped offer!

    After 3 months out of job and all the hard works, I finally found myself a position that I like with a good company 3 weeks ago.

    The company willing to transfer my visa knowing I've only 1 yr left on H1-B plus I've let go by last co. 3 mths ago (last pay stub in April). They're even willing to sponsor me for future greencard application.

    However, it took 1 week for the company's attorney follow up with me.
    There's a validation date mistake on my I-94 made by USCIS. Instead of expired on 07/ 09/ 2008, they had it on 07/ 09/ 2007!!
    The attorney informed the new co's HR that I'm currently out of status, so I was told by them the offer seems to off the table now coz am illegible to work, and they don't have another 2 weeks to wait for me.

    I've consulted at several attorney's offices, all said transferring is still possible, just that have to travel home to get visa stamp.

    Questions -
    1) What can I do now to the HR? Should I contact the hiring mgr to sort this out? (Haven't in touch with them after the interview thank you letter)

    2) My previous attorney faxed a correction letter to CA center on April 3rd but never heard any replied. Is it possible that I resubmit it to USCIS myself?

    Finding a job is tough enough, now we all have to deal with the visa issue, any advise would be greatly appreciated ~
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