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Being south indian, Can i go to other consulte for Interview than Chennai...

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  • Being south indian, Can i go to other consulte for Interview than Chennai...

    im not finding the slots in Chennai Consulate. So,im thinkng to go Delhi or Mumbai consulate. I heard that it's manadatory for south people to chennai consultae. can any one give clear explanation about this...

    Suggestions will be appreciable...


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    I bliv as per the new consulate laws , they do not bind you to go to a specific consulate for interview. Ur best way is to call the helpline number on their site and confirm this news. My frnd had informed me of this whn he had similar problems. He got his visa done.



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      Hi Kalyan

      Hi Kalyan,

      This is Srinivas from Hyderabad. I got my H1 documents today n am looking to book an ppointment

      even i have the same question like u .

      can v go to ny consulate in India? or v have to go to chennai only.

      Bcos v dont have slots in Chennai till another one month.

      Plezse give me ur valuable suggestion.

      Thank you


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        Interview with Chennai consulate...

        Hi Srinivas,
        Im still checking whether it's possible to have interview or not? Now few slots are availible in Oct month. Pls, check the same with VFS site.
        Regarding interview two of my friends, last week one of them had been to
        Kolkata but asked him to go Chennai Consulate. On other hand 2nd friend experienced the same with Delhi consulate..

        So, Pls chk with the Chennai consulate and the contact no. is 044 4231 6767 or put a mail as i did now.

        if i get to know any thng, then i will put u the sameto u.