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how to carry Documents in visa consulate

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  • how to carry Documents in visa consulate

    can anyone provide information how to carry documents to visa consulate,
    i was mentioned to laminate all the marksheets.....
    should the marksheets be kept seperate or laminated...
    please provide me information on how to keep the documents when they are asked....
    Please provide me the order of the documents asked at consulate
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    My experience is that one should not laminate the marks cards, since it might interfere with electronic scanning or what ever at the consulate.

    If it is a consulate in India, carry all the documents in a plastic bag or a plastic hand bag. And I found it easy to arrange all my documents in a file or a folder so that I could hand in any doc to the VO when demanded.

    The interview is to interact with the person and the docs are only a support to prove your case. So go with confidence buddy.