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what if you get only electronic pay stub?

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  • what if you get only electronic pay stub?

    I am going home to get my H1 visa stamped. I heard lot of times the VO is asking for the pay stubs. However, I don't get any printed pay stub. All we get is and electronic earning statement every month. Do you think if I just print that off and show that to the VO he is going to believe? That does not have any official stamp or anything. Does anybody else have similar experience? Any suggession , advice or comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

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    electronic pay stubs printed are fine, get a letter from employer stating your salay as well.


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      Thanks man! Do you think the same goes for transcations?I get electronic statemtnt. I took a letter from my bank stating my current balance . But my transcations I had to print from my monthly electronic statement. Do you think thats fine? I mean .. dont you think any body can ust type the transactions or pay stub in a piece of paper and show it and claim that he just printed it from electronic statement?


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        printing a electornic statment is fine, but just take the balance letter from the bank