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How can we get the passport from the Chennai Consulate.

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  • How can we get the passport from the Chennai Consulate.

    Hi All,

    I was attended the chennai consulate on 05-dec-2006. At that time they issused me 221(g) forum and asked me to drop down some documents through vfs centers. I posted my documents on 08-march-2007. After 15 days i got one more 221(g) blue forum asking me to drop down another additional documents. I posted my documents on 04-may-2007. Still i didn't receive any response from the consulate.I am losing my hopes on the H1-b visa. My Question is How can I get the passport?


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    If you are wondering for your visa status, that you can have online. You can email chennai consulate for 'How to check visa status online'. As far as your passport is concerned you will get it through mail. If you are really worried and losing patience you can contact the consulate of chennai by telephone or you can email them asking your queries. The website of chennai consulate is http://chennai.usconsulate.gov