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h1b - 1 year - gap

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  • h1b - 1 year - gap


    My H1b got stamped on 26th Aug 2003 and I went to USA on 23rd Sep 2003. I was with company A ( not sure about the policies of this forum that's why using A etc) till April 1st 2005. Then I joined company B and was with them from 2nd april 2005 to 14th July 2006. Then due to some family reasons I came back to India and joined a company C in noida. Company B is still holding my visa and now ( after a year or so) I want to go back to USA and work with company B. My questions are --

    1. Will there be any problem if I go back to USA and work for company B.
    2. Right now my h1b is stamped till 6th april 2008. But can I get the extension till 26th Aug 2009 ( H1b holds good for 6 years)
    3. What if i want to stay after 26th Aug 2009

    Any pointers regardign this will be of great help.