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H1 Processing Doubt. Please help

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  • H1 Processing Doubt. Please help

    Hi Friends,

    My consultant applied for H1 this year in Masters Quota. By the time I applied I didnt have my transcripts. After sometime my consultant said he got a query and by that time I had my transcripts and I sent them to him. He said he replied to the query with my transcripts and diploma. Now, when I go online to check my case status it says Application type: I290B, NOTICE OF APPEAL TO THE COMMISSIONER and in the case status it says: Application received and pending. Does anyone know whats happening with my application? I am very much worried. I know nothing about this visa terms and rules. Some one please help me! I heard that I290B is some sort of appeal after initial denial of H1 visa issuance. Is this true? Some one please help. My application is at Nebraska service center. I dont know how long it takes to process it. Im confused and totally lost !!! Help me !!!

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    I-290B appeal or motion against H1B petition denial

    Hi I-290B is a form to appeal or motion request which does mean that your employer has most likely filled appeal to USCIS to reconsider his petition for approval with some additional evidences, documents or brief explanation.

    so according to my knowledge your original H1-B petiton has been denied and your employer has appealed it through I-290B. which has 10 months of processing time. please clear it with your employer to check what he is up to