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H4, I485, Ead --??

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  • H4, I485, Ead --??

    Hello frnds,

    I am a newbie on this portal. I am on H4 visa and eagerly want to start working here. Could not get H1 visa this year. I have some queries:
    1. Can somebody please tell me is there something like that H4 visa holder can apply for I485 and then can get an EAD as a work permit (Like L2 holders do by filing I765)?? If yes wats the process and how much time does it take?
    2. Is getting a valid H1 the only soultion for a H4 holder to work in USA? Are there any alternative so that I can start working?
    3. Also if I plan to go for freelancing would it be legal??
    4. Can I apply for SSN? Or is it ONLY for people who work here in USA?

    Kindly reply!!
    Thanks and TIA
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    You can apply for AOS/I-485 only if you are eligible through your spouse or your own I-140 and your dates are current.

    There are no other ways for H4 to work, maybe some voluntary work but no freelancing