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Please Help!!!! got 221 g for dependent my son (H4)

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  • Please Help!!!! got 221 g for dependent my son (H4)

    I am new to this forum, confused and worried please help

    I am on H1. Me and wife went for visa interview on 10 may 2007 and my son (6 years old) went with my on 31 July because we renewed his passport that came late on 12 may after our interview so had new date for my son . My wife and son came here in 2004 and went back in Feb 2006 when I was in Maryland.
    After that I got project in Pennsylvania so i mention address and school name in DS 156 for my son as Pennsylvania .
    At the time of interview they ask my wife the address she told Pennsylvania address

    and asked my son that were did he lived?
    He said Maryland.

    Then asked his school name and his friends name ?
    That he could not answer.

    then asked some questions to my son.
    And they said to my wife why your answer differ from son..

    Was suspectly to my sons passport photo and at him.

    And kept under 221 g and said we will let you know . They given back passport and every thing . I don't know what to do?
    PLease let me know?
    My visa is getting over on 10/10/2007.
    Before will they make it?
    please let me know
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