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Pls advise...It's an Urgent(H1 Refusal)!!!

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  • Pls advise...It's an Urgent(H1 Refusal)!!!

    Dear All,

    Yesterday I got letter from the US consulate chennai.please find below for

    the details.

    '" Dear YYYY X,

    Bassed on the documents you have submitted to us,and the information elicited in yopur interview with an American consular officer,we are not able to issue you an H1-B temporary work Visa,because:

    your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the united states in accordance with appropraite laws and regulations.

    in accordance with united states law and Department of state guidelines,action on your case has been suspended and I-129 petition
    will be returned to USCICS.

    for your information,your visa was refused under section 221 (g) of the
    immigration and nationality act.

    Can i get the visa or not????..pls advise...

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    Reply to njguy


    NO. I have got the same status in the year 2006. I haven't received any notice either from USCICS nor from Chennai consulate.


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      i got same thing

      hey ,i got same letter from chennai consulate in 2006 october ,i left the hopes of my h1b visa,and i again applied for h1b visa in 2007 but still iam waiting for papers from usics i got my eac# but i also saw my old eac# which i saw it was came to uscis for review again ,the usics are verifiying my case again which i got letter from consulate in 2006

      so rest of the things left to sairam(my favourate god)..

      all the best to u my friend be strong


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        Dear Friends,

        Thanks for your instant replies.