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H4 Dependent - How many H1 pay stubs needed

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  • H4 Dependent - How many H1 pay stubs needed

    I am in a wierd situation. I am on OPT right now and working for Company A. My H1B is approved through Company B, under Masters Quaota and will start working for Company B from Oct 1s. Meanwhile my last working working day in Company A is Sep 15th. I have been with Company A for almost 8 months since my OPT has begun and I have all their Pay Stubs. I have worked for other company C for 3 months before working in Company A. I have that pay stubs also. I deally I have my last 12 months of paystubs.

    Now my problem is My wife in India is attending Us Consulate Chennai on Oct 15, during which I will not have any paystubs from Company B, as it is not generated yet.

    I can only submit Company A & C paystubs.. which will be my last 12 months of paystubs.

    Can someone please tell, is this going to be a problem. Are there any chances that Embassy would ask for my current paystubs.. Do I need to have my current company Paystubs.... Please help.....? I am tensed.
    I cannot afford to loose any chance of getting an approval for my wife.
    Please respond.

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    If only we can stop and think before hittin the panic button.

    The VO's will know that this is your first H1 with start date 1 Oct. It would very stupid of them to expect you to provide pay stubs from a job you have not even started.

    Get a letter from employer stating that your salary is going to be susch and such and they are writing this letter to support your wife's bid for H4