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New question on VFS website for H1 renew

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  • New question on VFS website for H1 renew


    My visa on passport expired 2 years back. After that i got 3 extensions from INS , but never stamped in Passport. i planning to get stamped in india this OCT. On VFS website they added question

    Are you applying for same visa class that expired in the last 12 months?*

    I am in same class , but my visa expired 2 years back. If yu select option "NO" there are no dates available.

    I called vfs , but no proper response. I already booked india tickets. On vfs instructions, it says

    The following applicants do NOT qualify for appointments in the visa renewal category:
    Applicants who have never had a US visa.
    Applicants who have a U.S. visa that expired more than 12 months ago.
    Applicants applying for a different category visa (e.g. had a student visa, now applying for a work visa).

    This means i can not renew my visa in india ? Any suggents , inputs will help.


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    Similar situation

    I am facing a similar situation and there is no proper response from VFS for the same. Each time they give a different answer. Let me know once you get the answer.

    ... Thanks


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      Same issue here.. I have mailed VFS for clarification on this, but not getting any response from them. If anyone has any information please do reply


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        Any of you got any info on this?

        Any of you got any info on this?If yes please respond.I'm also in the same issue.


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          Reply from Mumbai Consulate

          I am facing a similar situation. I called US consulate in Mumbai & they said I can select either one. I selected "NO" & i can see the dates are available till 2nd week of Nov. Also they said that as it's a re-stamping, I can make an emergency appointment.


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            I called again VFS , they said it is nothing like that, i can renew my visa in india even it is expired more than 1 year. And they dont have any clue why instructions says like that on their website. Any way i selected option 'NO" and bookd dates on OCT. Let see what happens.



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              We are also in a similar situation..we too clicked "No" and have booked our appointment in mumbai for Nov07...(had to fill out D156/D157 and the petition)


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                did any body get full information. Mine was also expired year ago. I want to go to Delhi consulate. Please help me i also need to go for stamping.


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                  Guys ,,
                  Same situation here,

                  please can anyone tell their experience of whether to choose
                  "yes" or "no" for the question in vfs.

                  whether if we say "yes", will it have any implications????????

                  i am on extension since 2006 october and also change my employer in 2007..

                  please help ,i am going on oct 24 to india for stamping....