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OPT - H1B: Help / Doubt

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  • OPT - H1B: Help / Doubt

    I've a Masters degree (US) and currently on OPT, which is valid until the end of Oct '07 and am working for Company-X. But, it is Company-Y who has sponsored me a H1B visa. The effective start date of that H1B is Oct 1, 2007.

    My question / doubt here is, do i compulsorily need to quit my job with Company-X before Oct 1, 2007 (Since the effective start date of H1B is Oct 1, 2007) or can i continue to work in Company-X until the validity of my OPT (which is till the end of Oct 2007) and then join the Company-Y, who has sponsored my H1B?

    Let me know if i can provide more information to get my doubts clarified. Any help is highly appreciated.

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    You could have worked with X till end of October. But since you got your H1B approved through Y, your status will change from F1 to H1 automatically on Oct 1 and then working for anyone other than Y will be unlawful.