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Doubt in Interview booking for h1-B and H4 for spouse

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  • Doubt in Interview booking for h1-B and H4 for spouse

    Please help me out urgently,
    I actually booked date for me and my wife on same date ,same time. But each is individual application and we are applying for the first time

    my doubt :

    1) Do i need to club her application with me ? I was not able to do that on the website of vfs ( i had filled application for both earlier)

    2) Will the consulate allow us together for interview now or i need to reschedule the booking.

    Thanks in advance

    Please any one reply ASAP

    Gud Luck

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    when i went to stamping for my H4 visa. i have seen few couple attending interview same time.
    and abt the applicatn form filling up,u have to fill both urs and ur wife applicatn form 2gether n apply


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      Anyone else faced this issue?

      Thanks MRV,
      But i m really expecting some one who has faced or is sure about this situation.

      I actually had filled both application separately, thinking that i could club that. But that didnt happened on vfs site and somehow in a hurry i booked dates together but in different applications.
      My wife and i have same Date and time of interveiw but different reference no.

      So will the they allow us to attend as one or i need to reschedule..

      Anyone Please...

      Thanks in Advance


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        Solution Found for above problem

        I mailed the consulate and they initially replied not possible i need to re-book, Then the moderator had replied somewhere - Its possible,
        So i mailed them again specifically stressing that its was at same date time location and just a diff. or ref. no.

        Finally they said it was fine,

        However before they could reply to 2nd mail . i made a re-booking.

        I wrote this back hoping it would help someones
        Best of luck