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Petition reapproved after 221g white form

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  • Petition reapproved after 221g white form

    Hi Guys,

    My interview was on Nov 2006 and they issued me 221g asking me to drop docs. I was issued a 221g refusal on Feb after I dropped docs. The doc was send back to USCIS for review.

    On June 18 2007, the USCIS website updated my status saying 'The approved or reaffirmed petition has been sent to the Department of State for Visa Processing'.

    I didn't receive any update ever since. Please reply back if you have any info on this.

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    Contact the consulate for updates, you may be able to reappear for interview.


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      Hi Harichinnan, me in the same boat i got aletter which is sent by USCIS from my employer that my case has been re-affirmed and i can attend the consulate for stamping. but not sure whether i can go directly or need to take new appointment.more over we don't have any dates in next 40days.
      Please share.
      Let me know your mail id. mine is [email protected]

      Thank You.


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        Contacted Consulate

        Hi Guys,

        I contacted consulate and asked them about my reaffirmed petition. The reply was ' We may or may not receive the documents. However you need to have a copy of the reapproved petition to apply for the visa'. Seems like a catch-22 situation. When my employer contacted USCIS, they were informed that the petition would only go to Chennai Consulate and not to us. Please help