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No slots available at Chennai ?Can I book @Delhi consulate

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  • No slots available at Chennai ?Can I book @Delhi consulate

    there r no slots available @ chennai for H1b stamping?

    My project is going to start by october 10th in USA.
    Can I book the sloat [email protected] Delhi ???

    Can I share this reason to VO saying the slots r not availble at Chennai so came to Delhi?

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    dear friends

    please share your suggestions



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      Dear Senior Members

      Please suggest...


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        I suggest better to go chennai.
        Keep trying on vfs sites. when some one cancel their booking then u can get slot.


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          VFS site says you can book your appointment anywhere in India

          just read this info FYI only......double check though. Good luck.


          or go to 1. www.vfs-usa.co.in
          then 2. click on Fees and FAQs
          3. click on Consular Districts

          go to the paragraph after 4.Kolkata ....

          If you are a resident of India, you are required to select your current ‘State of Residence’ where you have been residing for the past six months or longer. Later in the process, when you are scheduling your interview, you may see calendars offering dates at more than one post. If you are a fluent English speaker and have not been previously refused a visa, you may select an interview date from any post shown. If you are not fluent in English or were previously denied a visa, you must select a date only from the post covering the area where you reside. Applicants denied a visa can only seek to have the decision reviewed by reapplying at the post where the denial occurred.

          Indian citizens resident in the USA on work permit and applying for a new visa to replace an expiring visa can request an appointment at any of the four visa sections.


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            does taht mean that we can schedule our interview anywhere in India, if we dont get a slot in our state of residence ?