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Rejection in HSMP after H1B does it affect my h1b ?

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  • Rejection in HSMP after H1B does it affect my h1b ?

    Dear all ,

    I have query i applied for HSMP in 2005 and i got rejection becoz documetns was not proper ( rejection based on documentation...and unfortunately that was done by greedy AGENT after I suffered a lot .. )

    This is year i applied for h1b and i will go for internet in 10 OCT. I have query one query When my HSMP application rejected last page of my passport got stamp with date and some number( hope it is my case number ).

    While i will go for h1b stamping.. do US consultant check with UK consultant ?? that what was the reason ? or do they ask for any documents which are related to UK ? like what is replied by UK Consultant to you .. ?

    Does it affect my H1B stampping... ?

    Suppose if they asked me Please tell me what answerd needs to given.. ( good answer so i can save my self to get rejction ).

    Waiting for your help ( from all )
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