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Query about H1 visa at Delhi Embassy

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  • Query about H1 visa at Delhi Embassy

    Hi All,

    My self is Ravi,i have attended the Delhi consulate for the first time for H1B on 6th Sept,Then the VO has issued a 221g requesting for additional documents and informed me to drop them in the drop box at the Embassy,So i went again with the requested documents on Oct 1,the security asked me to go to any counter,i did the same then i was asked to go inside and go to line 2,the VO has called me and saw the 221g and informed that i have to go to the same VO who has given me the 221g, but the VO who gave me was in another counter so she took all the DS and the requested Documents and informed me that she will review the documents and she will call me.she returned my passport.

    So please tell me how many days it will take for them to review my case, what are the chances of getting the VISA.Do they really call us.