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Need Clarification on H1B Stamping

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  • Need Clarification on H1B Stamping


    I have 2 queries ->

    1. I resigned from my job in the last week of september as i wanted to spend sometime with my family before i went to US on the H1B.. Stamping was not yet done but since I had another open job offer within india in hand with joining of november, it was not a risk. Now my appointment is on 15th oct, so what do I say in the interview if they ask me where am i working ? Do i tell them that i have resigned ? My D156 mention that My current employer is the company i resigned from because that was true when i filled the form.. is that going to be a problem ?

    2. The YYYY company I resigned from was in Mumbai where i worked for 10 months before end september, before that I was working in Hyderabad for a company YYY for 3 years.. my wife and parents never moved to Mumbai and stayed back in Hyderabad. As the rules say that the appointment should be in a city where i have stayed for last 6 months, i decided to go for mumbai consulate.. is that right ?
    Also, now since last week of september i am at home spending time with my family ? so what kind of proof are they going to ask me for giving interview at mumbai ? my bank statement ? i can take my appointment letter also.. ? visiting card of the company (my name).. ? anything else ?

    Thanks for the replies in advance... This site rocks !

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    you need to send all of your docs to Mumbai atleast 5 days in advance...did u send them????
    the company name you were mentioning shd not be a problem...good luck