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Any online checking for 221(g)

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  • Any online checking for 221(g)

    Hi friends,

    I got 221(g) in Aug in Mumbai consulate. Is there any way to check online status for my file. Please give me some idea on this.

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    221g tracking..

    After your visa interview, if you were found temporarily ineligible for a visa you received a pink, green, or yellow Section 221(g) handout.

    If you received a pink handout, you can check the status of your case online. The case status report is updated twice a week. Note: Due to circumstances beyond our control, the case status report may not get updated every Tuesday and Friday. Do not contact the Embassy as there is no cause for concern.

    If you received a green or yellow handout, the information on this page and in the case status report is not relevant to you. Instead you will be contacted by the Embassy if and when further action is required. Do not contact the Embassy.

    Hope this helps.