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Successful Stamping H4 -> H1 in Matamoros,Mexico

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  • Successful Stamping H4 -> H1 in Matamoros,Mexico

    Last edited by laxdevi; 01-08-2008, 06:58 PM.

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    hai.. pls help me


    Let me explain my situation first so that u will have an idea abt my issue..
    my husband got his h1 in february 2007 and came to US in may 2007.i got my h4 in march 2007.then i applied my h1 when i was in india in april 2007.after that i came to US on july 2007.my h1 got approved in september 2007.i dint get any I94 with my I797.but in mu I797 i am asked to go to OTTAWA CANADA for my interview cos my employer has given that i was in canada when i applied for my h1.for ur information i was in canada from july 2006 to january 2007.but i have booked the appointment for metamoros mexico since i dint get any dates for OTTAWA.so my questions to you are

    1. can i go to metamoros when my I797 shows i should go to Ottawa.
    2. this is my first h1 stamping so will there be any problem.
    3. i dont have a PG degree but i do have a BE from india.will that be a problem?
    4. what are the documents i should carry for mu situation.
    5. can i come back to US if my visa got rejected?
    pls help me with these if any of the people u know have gone throught hese type of issues before.