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H1 Visa from Optima Resources.Is the Company Trustworthy ?

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  • H1 Visa from Optima Resources.Is the Company Trustworthy ?

    Hello Friends,

    I recieved a mail from Optima Resources.com with regard to H1 Visa. They are based out of New Jersey.

    Iam a B.com graduate with MCA & GNIIT , MCP & ITIL Certified. I have overall 10 yrs of IT Experience. Currently Iam employed with MNC in India as Manager - IT. I have been into managerial role from last 4-5 yrs.

    I would like to explore opportunites in US.

    After recieving the mail, I have spoken to a person at Optimaresources & did ask few questions. I clearly explained them about my role and qualification. They have asked me to send my scanned copies of documents (educational,technical Certifications etc).

    I wanted to check how does the H1 process work ?

    Is Optimaresources an agency or a direct Employer ?

    What are the aspects that I need to check if Optima agrees to file for my H1 Visa?

    What are the payment terms that I need to check with them ?

    I would appreciate if someone in this forum can throw some light on this.

    Wanted to check if the company is legitimate and trustworthy.

    Please help.


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    Reply from Optima -Urgent +++

    Hello friends,

    Need some advice. Per my conversation with optima today. They are demanding 4400 USD (refundable after 18 months) to file for H1 Visa.

    Let me know is it safe to pay the money.

    any input will be appreciated.



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      i have replied to your post elsewhere. paying in the first place is not a good sign. and remeember you are under a bond for 18 months. bonds are not legal int he first place.your visa costs 2000$ at the max, and what is the guarantee that they will pay you back? Please see my post in your other posting.If you have ignored it, then thats fine....
      Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.