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  • H1 Transfer

    I have a strange situation in front of me.

    I used to work for company A on H1B visa. I changed my employer recently to company B. I have received my H1B transfer receipt. I havent got updated 797. I guess it takes about 2-3 months before i get updated 797.

    Meanwhile I got good job from company C in the state where i wanted to work in. So I need to transfer my H1B to company C.

    My question here is, as I have not even got my updated 797, is it legal to transfer my H1B to company C? If Yes, what are the precaution I need to take in order to avoid future problems.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Not a problem. Explain your situation to the attorney, have all paystubs including current ones from company B. Also, provide documentation for transfer from A to B like case number (EAC or WAC or... whatever) and any other receipts. You should be fine. Visa can be transferred any number of times.


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      Thanks a lot Orion,
      Really appreciate your help.
      Its a great relief now!!