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HI-interview scheduling process

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  • HI-interview scheduling process

    Hi Folks,
    I am new to this H1 visa process.
    A consultant filed for my h1 from US and have got the approval notice.
    The next step involved is scheduling an interview with the consulate in chennai.
    I have got info that I have to schedule it through the site of tt services chennai.
    Please provide info about that process.

    I went to the site but it did not give info about how to schedule the appointment.
    Except that it started to take me through the actual process of appointment scheduling.

    What all information am i required to submit through the website.
    The approval notice number or other things like that.
    Any fees they charge for scheduling appointments.

    Once the appointment is sceduled,what all documents do i need to carry for the iw.
    Where do i need to pay the fees for visa and ttservices.

    All other inputs will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance.