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Any information regarding new H4 visa rules?

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  • Any information regarding new H4 visa rules?

    Hello friends,
    Do any of you or anyone you know just got married and got H4 for his/her spouse? The new H4 visa rules, which were brought into effect from July 04, look like a long long process. My fiancee is back in Mumbai and we are planning to get married in November 04.

    Can anyone please help me get answers to few questions, it would be very helpful in planning my trip.

    The US visa site (www.visa-services.com/usa...line.html) suggested that you need to submit all required documents 30 days before the appointment, and we would only get our marriage certificate after we get married. Can we make an appointment without submitting that? I am sure you all understand that we cannot get longer vacations from our US companies, is there any way this can work out faster?

    What do you suggest we should do?

    Any information in this matter would be highly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.

    Arun (ar[email protected])

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    H4 Visa

    When I took the appointment during last month for my fiancee, no conditions were mentioned like this.
    I am still under the impression that its easy to get her here after marrige once I go to INDIA.

    If 30days advance notice is required, I need to replan everything.

    Let me know too


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      NEW VISA rules

      Can any1 give feedback on this?


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        More info on this

        One of kind people called me and gave me some more information on this. He got married this July and had gone through the same frustration.

        He suggested that I should go ahead and make the appointment, no need to submit the documents now. And then let your spouse appear at the consulate on the day of the interview. He made few more suggestions:

        1. Your wife should wear a complete traditional dress with all those bangles and sindoor and all. That helps a lot.

        2. They need a copy of your passport papers, all 32 leafs.

        3. Get a copy of your bank statements for last 6 months.

        4. Copies of your couple of last W2's, tax return docs if possible too.

        5. Let your wife know about your stay in US, like when did you first come here, What company do you work for? Did you go to School in US? And anything that you can think about.

        I hope this helps. Please drop me an e-mail if you want to talk to me in person.


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          Re: More info on this

          My e-mail address is [email protected].